Rally the people!

ABSA Bank has just sold a lady’s house on auction for R1,000. She has been told to pay the full remaining amount to ABSA, plus interest, penalties, legal fees, etc. Read the full article here, in disgust and disbelief.

Our banking system is out of control.

We need your help to mobilise people and organise peaceful rallies in all major cities. The NewERA will write a letter to your employer giving you the day off work. Click here to register your support for a rally. We need volunteers, sponsorships and other ways to get our message across.

The NewERA is preparing to rally the people. We must protest this unfair and discriminatory banking system. Banks are destroying people’s lives at an exponential rate, and the Courts are allowing this to happen. Why is our Constitution being bluntly ignored?

In July, the NewERA took to the streets in Pietermartizburg. We literally marched right up to a law firm wearing t-shirts and brandishing signs saying “no more greedy lawyers!” The lawyers tried to hide, and you can see the photos here. Since then, we have seen some changes, but it is not enough. We need to do more.

Are we, as a society, willing to let the banks take over our lives completely, through their secret and deceptive control of money?

Click here to support the rally. Dates will be confirmed once we have secured enough interest.


PS. Listen to our Chairman who recently did a two-hour interview on international radio here.