Important Update regarding the Michael Tellinger case.

Earlier today, we received the sad news that Michael Tellinger was not successful in his leave to appeal, and has not been granted a trial. We as the NPO looked forward to hearing the reasoning behind the judge’s decision. However, some alarmed NewERA Members, who were present at the hearing, have brought some serious concerns to our attention. We attach an example of such concern below.

Mr Tellinger’s argument seems to be thorough and comprehensive. If it was ignored so recklessly, do we have a duty to ask why?

We encourage you to send the attached documents to your lawyer, your accountant, your banker, and anyone you may know who has a sound logical mind. We hereby open a debate to anyone who wishes to solicit an opinion regarding these documents.

In light of this, the NPO is seriously considering to intervene more formally in the Tellinger case, as he considers alternative options available to him.


Kind regards,



“To the team at The New Economic Rights Alliance

I have been following Michael Tellinger in his case and have attended all his hearings thus far and was utterly shocked today by what I witnessed.

Firstly, I found it strange that the same judge to whom the appeal was directed, was the self same judge adjudicating the hearing today. Another lawyer attending the hearing, whom I will not name, attested that it is common practice in law. I find this scary, because how is it possible that a fair decision be made by a judge to whom the appeal is directed? And where does that leave the rest of us in similar situations if this sets a precedent?

The travesty of justice doesn’t end there. What was more shocking, was the actual judgement and how it was delivered.

After (in my opinion) half listening to Michaels leave to appeal which was extremely comprehensive in raising serious constitutional infringements against lay persons by banks, the judge in question totally dismissed Michael in a rude way without qualifying his judgement and not taking into consideration Tellingers argument presented today at all. In fact, judgement was passed within moments at the end of the hearing, after Michael dispensed with a heavily detailed document which he read out earlier warranting proper dissection, with what seemed to be a wave of the hand.

My question is, where does this seemingly abhorrent treatment of Michaels rights to be heard accordingly and fairly leave the rest of us pursuing fair and lawful consideration?

He was mocked by both the opposing council and the judge, for doing what is in my opinion an extremely brave act of trying to open the door to real transparency in how our rights are disregarded by these profiteering corporations

And to top it off, as opposing council left the court entering the lift down to the lobby, I heard one of the party say in a patronising tone, loud enough for a couple of us to hear, “One down…”

Shirree Leone”


  • Fadeel Hassen

    Judgement is based on a contract that goes against all laws of natural justice. The legal system must take account of agreements in a broarder scheme, beyond the contracts and rely on the spirit of the law rather than only the letter. Natural law of justice promotes the rights of humans away from systems that exploit. Banks and lending instututions are clearly based on exploitation with their concept of compound interest.
    Banks and the Judiciary appears to collude, simply because this landmark case will change the face of economic history through out the world and make the current exploitative system of lending collapse like a pack of cards. One good thing though is that the seed of doubt is planted and falsehood will perish, now or later.

  • Grace Lebenya

    Hello Micheal
    I fully support you in your actions.

  • Lichaba Mohoto

    Proper action should indeed be taken. Let the law take its course.

  • Jase

    The “legal” system used to be referred to as the “Justice” system but the results of this case make it plainly evident why most of us no longer call it by its original name.
    It is difficult to challenge the Bank using the “legal” system because the “Legal” system is part of the Banksters “RAPE AND PILLAGE DIVISION”.
    There is no Justice in the revenue generating Court system anymore because it is no longer a Justice system by the people and for the people.
    There is no government by the People and for the People anymore there is no Justice system by the People and for the People either.
    There are 7 Billion of us on this planet and we have allowed ourselves to be ruled over by a handful of malevolent overlords and we have done it by consent
    Read Michael Tellinger’s book “Slave Species of God”, and then delve deeper into the rabbit hole by doing a lot more of your own research and eventually you will understand who the Banksters serve and why they must keep the “slaves” in check for their masters return.
    You cannot be victorious in this system by using this system because it is a Master and Slave system and in their minds eye you are the slave.
    To be free of the system you need to become a Sovereign. Fortunately you CAN follow the correct Lawful channels within the system to become Sovereign.
    Good Luck Michael.

  • Phil Haslam

    Stratford @ How can it be frivolous if the bank hides a profit motive from your signature that you gave. If I’d had prior knowledge of my signature being worth at least three times as much as the loan I’m asking for then it constitutes a fraud, an infringement of my good faith an otherwise agreement that’s meant to be completely transparent. Therefore all I’m asking for is a share in any profit the banks frauduently made with my signature since that time. It just so happens that if that’s true it’ll bring the whole banking system into disrepute. It’ll fall like a pack of cards. With such an important potentially apocolyptic result no wonder the case was refused . . but it’s clear now what the banking system is. One thing that should also be known is that like any cartel or cabal the banking system is a part of not just the court system but the mainstream media as well. Don’t expect any media help, it’s the same cabal. . I’m fighting that one here in England and I’m on the rd to turning this into the biggest surprise anyone’s going to witness in a lifetime. I had been hoping to hear out Tellinger’s case and use it to present to my own bank, but now . . media is the only place left to fight and fight is what’s going happen. One thing the media doesn’t have is a court room. It runs on energy, frequencies. They’ll still be hoping no-one notices that one. Buckminster Fuller once said . . you could change the world in 15 minutes with 15 minutes of primetime tv. Same as Tellinger . . he hasn’t been proven wrong yet and it goes without saying that even if he is wrong . . what’s been proven is that no-one gets a fair hearing in a system that does not adhere to it’s own Laws which exactly states that we all have the right to a fair trial.

    • Roy aka URiAM1

      Greetings All,
      I am confident to suggest that It is most certainly the LUST for money that is problematic – whereas LOVE of any-thing/one is unequivocally beneficial for both the one Loving, and that which is loved, i.t.o. the more correct sense and meaning of the word :)
      Given that money is essentially ‘currency’ – the flow or exchange of energy, and the sharing of mutual beneficiation, between Payer and Payee – Humanity would be immeasurably wealthier and more fulfilled were we All to Love and ascend into Abundance, and not Lust out of Lack . . . which descends inevitably to ‘bust’ and out-of-luck !
      Invariably, it is a ‘sense of lack’, disempowerment, or deprivation in a human which precipitates lust, where lust is simply an extraordinary, distorted, over-zealous compulsion to compensate and satisfy what might otherwise ordinarily be a natural desire to fulfil esssential or modest needs in the case of a conscious, well-balanced and self-respecting individual (or organisation for that matter).
      The prevailing dis-Ease of poverty-consciousness which pervades global society afflicts not only the ‘poor’, or ‘have-nots’. In fact, it seems that in many instances of individual or corporate material enrichment, it is the fear of lack, or of ‘not enough’ which is the prime motivation for the gross accumulation of material assets and monopolistic aquisition.
      (What was that ol’ story about a Camel and the Eye of the Needle . . . ?
      The entrenchment of this fear of ‘not enough’ has also been subtly disguised in ‘glamour’, where it has become an individual, national, social, and even ‘cultural’ imperative to ‘win’, regardless of the collateral costs or negative impacts.
      Such ‘exclusive’ agendas have accompanied the evolutionary cycle embedded within the now-receding cosmic Age of Pisces, the age of individualism and competition, power and domination, exemplified in some respects by the advent of the ‘Holy’ Roman Empire, whose moral code incidentally is the essential body of modern-day law viz. Roman-Dutch Law in SA.
      We are now transitioning into the Age of Aquarius (due to equinoctal precession), which will enable Humanity to shift from individualism, exclusivity and competition toward communal-ism, inclusivity and cooperation.
      This ‘Shift’ is well under way across all domains (who can deny or ignore the rapidity and diversity of changes occurring daily, even hourly, not to mention the apparent ‘compression of time’).
      We have been witness to some remarkable and radical changes, on an exponential scale, thanks in large part to ICT and ‘real-time’ information, and there seems to be no sign of this free-fall expansion of change slowing down any time soon.
      The emerging evolutionary paradigm shifts are leaving many in a state of awe or confusion, simply because the quantum-leaps into unknown or unfamiliar territory are akin to having the ‘comfort-zone’ rugs of familiar and customary beliefs and modalities pulled from under our feet, shaking the foundations of our previous and present perceptions and understandings.
      Evolution can happen in the twinkling of an eye, and 30 or 3000 years of familiar mediocrity can melt into a dark corner of an obscure microcosm in a blink.
      Let us please not make the mistake of thinking this is about a few people feeling brave enough to start/continue a revolution, a bunch of anti-social socialists or decapitated-capitalists – it is surely so much more about Evolution causing us to start thinking and feeling what Life – and our being here in it – is REALLY all about :-)
      P.S: In case you havn’t ‘got it’ yet – Debtors Rule ! – ABSA just recently ‘bought?’ Edcon’s store card division. . . reminds one just a bit of Freddie & Fanny.who ?
      Qu: Since when, and by whom, was the Usury system ‘legalised’ & proclaimed O.K. ???

  • Sergio

    Completely agree with Jase above. I don’t know the details of this case but I know what Michael is fighting for. As long as MICHAEL TELLINGER is treated as a CORPORATION and not as Sovereign in a court of law/justice, he will never win this case. Jase is right in saying Michael has to become a Sovereign and be trialled under common law.

  • Christian Castell

    I have a bank who assessed my farm for over 8 million Rands. With zero liability on the property, they refused me a loan of 1.5 million. I eventually persuaded them to finance my existing development, but they are doing it in portions which have to be ‘begged for’. Each time they allow me a portion I am charged legal fees for bond registrations & when I asked for an extension on a 280,000 loan, it was granted for 6 months with a fee of R5,100.00 , which I was not verbally informed about. I am sick and tired of being the bank’s ‘bitch’. It feels like extortion to me!

  • Johan Coetsee

    It is wonderful that someone is trying to do something, but the problem is that not enough people are interested in what is going on. People’s heads are in the sand and they do not want to hear about conspiricies. But for those that are interested. Investigate the work that Benjamin Fullard and the White Dragon movement are doing in trying to bring the international bankers to a fall. They are working on an international scale and I hope they suceed. Investigate these names on the internet and Youtube and make it known to as many people as possible. Only in numbers this fight can be won.

    • Chris Hurrell

      You have a point, but Benjamin Fulford is full of s**t! He talks fantasy all the time, dropping large statements that he nor anyone else can back with facts. They keep talking about mass arrests, reform in the financial sector etc etc, but where the heck is any evidence? I would like to put my faith in him and I am sure he has good intentions, but so far all he says is HOT AIR, nothing more. Its almost as if he is placed to provide false hope so other groups don’t feel the need to take urgent action, ‘its all being taken care of’. Truth is hidden beneath many layers of deception. Tricky. We all have a role to play here, not just researching. What to do exactly will become apparent with time.


  • Johan Coetsee

    It is high time that someone does something about the banks that are ripping us off. You have my full support. The problem is that there are not enough people interested in this to make a difference. Also that the politicians and legal sytem are run by people under the control of the bankers. Only with numbers this can be stopped. For those interested, follow the work Ben Fulford and the White Dragon movement are doing on an international scale to bring these rich bankers and fraudsters to a fall. There is a trillion dollar case now registered in America. Investigate these names on the internet or Youtube.

  • Francois

    Hi Michael,

    It will never ever happen that everyone just sits and looks on as humans are destroyed by beasts. Some will always rise up and struggle till the death against oppression. I respect the actions taken. You are brave and are sacrificing much in this struggle. It brought great pain & misery to me to experience the hatred and disrespect shown by Judges & Magistrates to me as a Youth being imprisoned in New Lock for speaking The Truth and bearing testimony against the State/Principalities and Powers in the Name of God and Fairness. I however also prepared before my incarceration, but it was a spiritual battle continuing till this day. I subsequently graduated in finance through UNISA after release and operate. I will never regret the experience because I learnt much of my fellow judges sitting in the bench of the earth. They are not authorised to recognise The Truth as the Authority in this time. Complacently, they must perform in line with thier Judicial Contracts of Ownership as the Judiciary is owned by very powerful people. They are cleared to engage to uphold Authority as The Truth. This will not change until all free & bond, rich & poor have received what is to be issued in order to populate the database of life and death. A6poc6olypti6c prophesy teaches that the Beast you fight cannot/will not ever be destroyed by men of flesh, and many will be persecuted, tried, abused, imprisoned & killed for rising up against to bear testimony against it. I know not your destiny, but the path you are walking now is honourable. Thank You.

  • Chris

    IF Michael or anyone else REALLY wants to scare the banks they should ask for an formal audit of their FICA obligations.

    I can guarantee you that more than a quarter of the accounts will be found to contain fraudulent or incorrect data.

    This now becomes a quite winnable case as the Banks are now in contempt of CRIMINAL law !

    Why not try it — I can promise you the banks will sweat blood — as they cannot rectify thousands of bad accounts over night !

  • Riaan Bronkhorst

    The powers that be will not let this case go far, they would want it to die down, go quietly and quickly. We have to unite and consolidate in order to get some sort of a result. What in essence is happening is that the “real goverment” is being attacked here. As Carrol Quigly has put it, a situation of perpetual debt is created to enslave us. It has to stop. Think back to the 60′s when in 3 words, our nation coulld be described as being – UNITED, HAVING PROSPERITY AND HAPPINESS. 3 % of our GDP, between 1960 up to 1972, could settle our international debt i.e – no contoll over the country by the money powers. Sadly we lost our independance in 1976 with Henry Kissinger and his accords staring with an onslaught first against Rhodesia and the South Africa was to follow. IN ORDER TO BE TRUELY FREE AGAIN THIS CASE NEEDS OUR FULL SUPPORT.

  • Shane Smith

    Michael, you can and you will win this. Its going to be a long haul though.

  • Michelle Falcone

    The power of the people is stronger than the people in power. I am going through an incredibly similar experience with Bank of America in the US. Even my attorney has become corrupt, backing out of representing me only 20 days before my Court of Appeals hearing. Doesn’t matter. I will do this myself then. Since WHEN is it OKAY to sit back and let ANY institution rob you without consequences to them? Not today! Michael, you have my full support. Those of you who doubt, there is no room for doubt. A moment’s doubt, hesitation, questioning, has lost wars, cost lives and destroyed spirits. Trust in DIVINE JUSTICE and take action with deep consideration and no hesitation. Many Blessings