Ask Your Bank

lease would you be so kind as to contact your bank and politely ask them to email you a copy of your credit agreement. See for yourself whether or not the agreement, in plain and simple English, makes it perfectly clear that they possessed / own the money they claim to have "loaned" you.

We have received alarming concerns from some of our Members and members of the public alike.

They seem to have discovered that their credit / loan agreement does not specifically state that their bank was the actual possessor / owner of the money prior to them lending it. This could be the same in your case. It would seem that their concerns follow the notion that one cannot lend that which does not belong to them.

If this is the case, then the bank could be acting as an intermediary / agent w

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  • Ishmael Phali

    Please I need info in becoming a member.

    • Chris Hurrell

      Hi Ishmael, please use the menu at the top of the page. Place your mouse over “Member Benefits”, then you will see a second menu opening, then click on “Become A Member”.

      All the info is there. You will need to fill in the form and submit it.

  • Ron

    If you have a credit card go and ask the bank for a copy of your credit card agreement, most of the time the banks will not have the credit card agreement so why are they still taking action and summonsing consumers out of Jo-burg court. Secondly they send out section 129 letters without having the consumers correct address, This brings me to another question most credit cards have exceeded the in duplum rule(103(5) of the NCA) as the banks have inflated the accounts with fees and costs. The banks do not follow the jurisdiction as set out in section 90(2)(kk) of the NCA

  • ehpmail

    I’m following this case with keen interest. What I know I don’t like about the banking system is:
    1. I pay compound interest on my home loan that effectively doubles the cost of the home over 20 years
    2. Easy access to finance drives upward prices, therefore inflation

    However…. if I agree to loan money from a bank, who in turn ‘borrow’ from the Reserve Bank, who in turn ‘borrow’ from whoever (even if these are paper agreements, and no money actually transfers between these institutions), I honestly can’t see anything wrong with that.

    Quick example…. If I buy a home through finance from a bank, someone is paying the seller the agreed selling price. I then pay an agreed monthly installment to the bank. That sounds ok to me.

    I support the initiative, perhaps I do not understand everything totally well.

    • Steve

      banks are ‘legal’ couterfeiting operations; they loan out money they don’t have… google ‘fractional reserve lending’

      , go to youtube, and watch ‘money as debt’ …. they create money out of nothing and loan it out at interest; that is why the world is in recession;

      if P is the principal amount on any loan, and I is the interest on the loan, then its obvious that

      P < P + I

      if P is money created out of nothing, as a loan/debt, where does the money come from to pay I back? answer: nowhere… it is mathematically impossible (I have a degree in maths), for everyone (people, companies, countries) to pay their debts back to the 'banks', since the money does not exist; the only way the system doesn't fall over immediately, is that banks , by inflation, keep creating money, at a faster rate, to have enough 'money/paper/debt' in the system, so that at least someone can pay their debt back….

      this is one of the main battles for real freedom and africa; private shareholders/elitists/scumbags/bankers loan money out at interest; and if you disagree, they kill you, ask JFK

      JFK had signed a law to start to dismantle the private Federal Reserve (which is not federal and has no reserves), a few weeks later, bang bang dead.

      Andrew Jackson, the 6th president of the USA, has on his tombstone, 'I Killed the Bank', as he dismantled the first national bank in the USA, and they tried to kill him, but both pistols failed…..

  • Michael

    Have a should look at this ABC (Australia) Four corners program a bank exposed!

    Here in Australia we have the sane evil system!

  • Michael
  • Absalom

    Deposit ticket reads: “Non-negotiable. Checks and other items received for deposit subject to the provisions of the. Uniform Commercial Code or any applicable collection agreement.” The question is do you know what applicable collection agreements are on the table?

  • Steve

    a beginner course in modern banking is the documentary, ‘money as debt’

    you can watch it on YOUTUBE;

    if you want a more comprehensive history on money, watch ‘the money masters’, also on YOUTUBE;
    banks create money out of nothing, and loan it out at interest…. most modern money in nothing but debt, created by car loans, home loans, company loans etc, out of thin air.

    Africa is poor because of high interest rates, charged by central banks.

    The South Africa Reserve Bank, is a private institution, with private shareholders, run only for profit.

    Money should be created interest free, and spent into circulation on projects which benefit the citizens; no gold backed or silver backed money!

    watch ‘the money masters’ on YT for more details;

    “I’m not your slave”

    Steven (feel free to contact me)

  • Greg Tudehope

    I would like to just advise that your banks are the same in Australia. You dont do business with the Bank as a person, your vessel in commerce, you enter the bank and become a mmember of the Body Corporate and thney provide you with a new name, an abreviated name or with MR included, you become a strawman, only the amn has human rights and only your person has commercial rights if entering into a contract.
    To the banks you are neither man or person because your person is part of your private estate held in trust by the Republic, you own your share of the Republic and they borrow against it and its assets and create the credit on your promise to pay. We have exactly the same scamm in Australia. The banks are a body corporate and you become a member of the bank and this is provided for by way of Bills that go through the Parliament and then they are called Acts and some fiction person signs them off as law, but only quasi law or corporation policy.

    • Bijay

      IT SI Scorrect the UCC law that has been used, WE want common law to come back to the land… GODS LAW.. as we answer only to him.. Maybe we can take out the bond that is deposited agains our strawman corporate entity.. that would solve the world economics problem..

  • Greg Tudehope

    Bijay, there will be no common law over the land as it only applies to the men and women and not their persons, their vessels in commerce. The commercial western world of finance is under the total control of the Roman Catholic Church with their version of administrative civil law implemented under the jurisdiction of their code of canon law.
    The Bond is not deposied against your worthless fictional strawman, that is what you use to interact with other corporate entities. Your promise to pay, as a commercial corporatized person, that supports the Bond is provided by you with your implied consent and being used by the State that trades your bond and borrows money with it. This person is part of your private estate being held in Trust by the State Public Trust and you are the beneficiary of that Trust. Now you need to identify who the Trustee is and if you can execute the role of General Executor of the Trust and get some of the divadends paid direct to you instead of it being plunded by the greedy State officials

  • Ekke

    Can you please quote the common law principle/s that says a bank needs to be the owner of something before they can lend it to us, the consumers? This is probably a stupid request, but I just want to refer any unbelievers to the correct statutes/case law/common law.

  • Wendy Ferguson

    I took out a business loan from the IDC of R3250000 and had to hand in 100% of my company hares as collateral and after the first drawdown of R500 was told that a “small clause” had been added before for second drawdown would be paid. MY FORMULATIONS AND THE NAMES OF MY CUSTOMER DATA BASE. I refused as this was never part of the original agreement then the CEO Geoffrey Qhena telephoned me saying “Wendy my darling, we need those names because some of them may be bad debtors (onoclogists, radiation specialises, surgeons and dermatologists) and you will come under my protection, my sweetheart, please we need this information” I am 65 run four successful prior businesses and then left penniless after a divorce after being married for 39 years and asked that he please respect my position as a professional businesswoman and NOT call me his “sweetheart and darling and that I refused his offer of “protection”" and that I would never be handing my IP to the IDC. The whole scenario changed and with a loud voice I was shouted “well I will make sure nothing further is done on your project” which is a world first skincare range for cancer sufferers to be able to use DURING chemo and radiation plus I manufacture the only South African made breast prosthetic for mastectomy patients. We have won numerous awards, been guests of the Swiss Government to showcase our products and are now insolvent with no money either in my business or personal account (due to having to pay already committed creditors) and the IDC refuse acknowledge any of my telephone calls, personal visits, emails and this has gone on since July 2014. All because of Geoffrey Qhena’s ego. I have sent the IDC the 10 questions and look forward to their reply. They are represented by Cliffe,Dekker attorneys. I will let you all know what transpires with the answers to the 10 questions. None of the government agencies such as the banking ombuds etc. will touch my case.