60-80% of all natural supplements are about to vanish from South African shops.

Goodbye Cal-C-Vita?   Our enlightened government is planning to get rid of our natural supplements by regulating them to the point that only giant pharmaceutical companies can control the market.  FACT: Natural remedies and supplements have become so advanced, and so potent, that they are a massive threat to the profits of the giant pharmaceutical [...]

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New Class Action Against the Banks!

Here we go! A massive class action against the South African Banks is about to be filed. If you have ever lost a property, you need to join this case. Over two years of research has gone into it. The class action is being handled by Advocate Shaw. He is not afraid to take on [...]

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Can Sequestration Help You?

This interview with Ursula Gouws explains the concept of sequestration, or declaring yourself insolvent (bankrupt). Before the chill sets in, just listen to what she has to say. It is very interesting. Click here: http://downloads.newera.org.za/TheNews/ – Just right click on Episode 18 and choose “save target as.” You can contact Ursula at http://newera.neweracomms.co.za/bf.php?fid=1369?ref=NewERA.  

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The Future of Money and Business – Part 3

Our banking system desperately needs competition. That competition has now arrived.  Clever people are setting up their own off-the-grid businesses and are beginning to trade with alternative currencies. When there are hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of us, it will usher in a new era of prosperity.  We need to move away from conventional [...]

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The Future of Money and Business – Part 2

The off-the-grid businesses revolution is beginning. And we are going to thrive. Off-the-grid businesses operate outside of the conventional banking system. They do not register with the government. They do not pay tax and they don’t supply reams and reams of paperwork just to “comply.” Well, not completely anyway. Most intelligent people continue to run [...]

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The Future of Money and Business – Part 1

Welcome to a new world. A world where money does not exist and everyone lives in a Utopian society. But not quite yet. It will take time and an evolution of consciousness to get there. And, it will require us to open our minds to some important and startling facts about this thing called ‘money.’ [...]

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Interview With All Four UBUNTU Party Delegates

The Ubuntu Party has promised South Africa a People’s Bank to free us all from debt slavery. They assure us that free energy is a reality and organic food gardens around the country will ensure that no man, woman and child will ever go hungry again. They say that this plan is real and they [...]

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SA Banks are Being Sued (again)

NewERA’s Advocate Douglas Shaw is suing the SA banks again Scott. Yay! We interviewed Advocate Shaw late last year about a lawsuit he was preparing to file. We interviewed him again last week. He and his legal team have filed seven lawsuits on behalf of people who have lost their cars and houses to banks. Dozens [...]

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Our Economic Textbooks are WRONG says Bank of England

PLEASE INFORM ALL SOUTH AFRICANS: ECONOMICS AND SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS THAT TEACH BASIC ECONOMIC THEORY ARE INCORRECT.   The banks have finally admitted that the text books are wrong and that NewERA is correct. In fact, our schools and universities teach a “mythological story of what banks do” according to Lord Adair Turner, a former bank [...]

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Episode 15 – Ubuntu Contributionism – A New Book by Michael Tellinger

NewERA interviews Michael Tellinger about his new book that blows the lid on the South African and global banking system. UBUNTU Contributionism  A Blueprint For Human Prosperity The path that brought us here as a species is not only filled with lies and deception of unimaginable proportions, but also with continuous manipulation of the human [...]

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