Interview With All Four UBUNTU Party Delegates

The Ubuntu Party has promised South Africa a People’s Bank to free us all from debt slavery. They assure us that free energy is a reality and organic food gardens around the country will ensure that no man, woman and child will ever go hungry again. They say that this plan is real and they [...]

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SA Banks are Being Sued (again)

NewERA’s Advocate Douglas Shaw is suing the SA banks again Scott. Yay! We interviewed Advocate Shaw late last year about a lawsuit he was preparing to file. We interviewed him again last week. He and his legal team have filed seven lawsuits on behalf of people who have lost their cars and houses to banks. Dozens [...]

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Our Economic Textbooks are WRONG says Bank of England

PLEASE INFORM ALL SOUTH AFRICANS: ECONOMICS AND SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS THAT TEACH BASIC ECONOMIC THEORY ARE INCORRECT.   The banks have finally admitted that the text books are wrong and that NewERA is correct. Because of massive pressure from lobby groups, The Bank of England has officially confirmed what NewERA has been desperately trying to show [...]

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Episode 15 – Ubuntu Contributionism – A New Book by Michael Tellinger

NewERA interviews Michael Tellinger about his new book that blows the lid on the South African and global banking system. UBUNTU Contributionism  A Blueprint For Human Prosperity The path that brought us here as a species is not only filled with lies and deception of unimaginable proportions, but also with continuous manipulation of the human [...]

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ABSA loses small, but pivotal Court battle

From our attorneys in Cape Town: “In the recent case of ABSA Bank Ltd v Hanekom in the Western Cape High Court under Case No. 9846/2013, Judge Dennis Davis delivered his judgment with regard to ABSA Bank’s practice of attaching unsigned agreements to their summons due to the originals being destroyed in a fire. The [...]

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Upcoming Court Case Could Bring Relief to People Who Have Lost Assets to Banks

NewERA’s advocate, Douglas Shaw, together with various attorneys, is preparing to launch a Constitutional case against the banks. He is looking for people to join him. “Banks often auction properties at a low price. They do this to collect just enough to pay the bank back.” says Shaw. “The price they obtain from an auction [...]

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Episode 13 – Did a Top SA Attorney Forge a High Court Order?

Ian Brakspear’s personal and legal attack on a senior member of one of South Africa’s largest and most prestigious law firms is causing a media stir. [Example:]. Leonard Katz, an attorney from Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs, calls the allegations “rubbish.” Brakspear, however, has filed a lawsuit that indicates that Leonard Katz forged a court order in [...]

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Episode 12 – Assault on the Rand

NewERA Chairman, Scott Cundill, interviews the author of an extremely powerful South African book: Assault on the Rand. When the Rand crashed in 2001, it was due to corporate and banking greed. It was not a natural occurrence as we have been led to believe. If whistle blower Kevin Wakefield had not intervened directly and pushed [...]

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SA’s National Debt… paid with a cow

A decentralised and informal group of lawyers, researchers, academics and everyday people are preparing to make a serious public statement. They will attempt to pay off the combined debt of every person in South Africa… with a cow. In theory, this would be the most expensive, most famous and most sacred cow ever born. Before you [...]

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Useful Videos by NewERA’s Advocate

The Sequestration Process 1 Debt Review Reckless Lending 1 What Will the Banks Do and What Can I Do? Terminating the Debt Review Process Strategies for Dealing with Debt National Credit Act Part 1 (Section 78-81) Consumer Protection Act Ten questions to ask your Debt Counsellor http://youtu.b [...]

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